Legal watchdog seeks applause

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THE Solicitors Complaints Bureau reckons it is doing a really good job of sorting out the grievances of the public, writes Sue Fieldman.

In its latest annual report - which is a model of self-congratulation - the SCB claims it has 'not only maintained, but increased, its high standards'.

Even so, the SCB has decided to undertake a customer satisfaction survey, just to make sure that everyone else is as pleased with its performance as it seems to be.

Patricia Wise is one customer who is not satisfied. She has been trying to get the SCB to sort out her complaint since April 1993. She is still waiting.

No doubt the SCB would say that the way it dealt with her case, including losing her file for months on end, is a one-off. We highlighted Mrs Wise's predicament earlier in the year in the Independent on Sunday and intend to return to the case shortly.

We would like to hear from readers about their experiences with the SCB.

Please write a brief resume - making sure you include your daytime telephone number - to Solicitors Complaints, Personal Finance, The Independent, 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB.