Lessons in managing change

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THE managers of tomorrow need to think creatively, strategically and laterally, says a study by Roffey Park Management Institute, writes Roger Trapp.

The institute, which is in West Sussex, found that budgeting and financial know-how are still considered essential, but increasing emphasis is placed on such intangibles as open-mindedness, imagination and the seemingly ubiquitous interpersonal skills.

But this is not written in stone. The study of more than 200 senior managers in a variety of organisations also demonstrated that the skills required are changing and that management qualifications need to take account of that.

Joanna Howard, MBA programme director at Roffey Park, said: "Simply learning new facts and skills is not enough for today's business environment. Managers need to focus on the process of managing uncertainty. Change is so rapid that managers need to learn how to learn for themselves, and how to help others learn."

Roffey Park has been helping to develop managers for nearly 50 years, and its MBA uses a self-managed learning approach that requires participants to design and control their own learning to suit their managerial experience, their learning needs and the requirements of their organisations.

Among those backing recent programmes at the institute have been American Express, the BBC, Shell, TSB, and several health authorities.