Liquidators want Leeson in court

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The liquidators of Nick Leeson's former employer, Baring Futures Singapore, said yesterday they want the disgraced trader to appear in court to disclose all his assets.

A partner in the liquidators, Price Waterhouse, said thefirm's solicitors, Rajah and Tann, wrote on Tuesday to Tanah Marah, where Nick Leeson is being held, for permission to serve him a court order.

Price Waterhouse originally investigated the collapse of BFS on behalf of the Singapore authorities and produced a wide-ranging report on the affair. It was appointed liquidator two weeks ago.

The order is similar to one served on Leeson's British lawyer, Stephen Pollard, on Saturday, shortly after the court case in which the former trader was sentenced to six and a half years in prison on two charges of cheating linked to the failure of Barings. The order requires Mr Pollad to produce all documents linked to the bank's collapse - including those which provide evidence of assets, contracts and arrangements entered into by either of the Leesons or their agents for the sale of any book, television, newspaper or screen rights related to the fall of Barings.

Mr Pollard was not available for comment, although sources close to the Leeson camp point out that the former trader has been advised all along by his legal team that he will not be allowed to see the profits from any film or book deal.

Leeson is believed to have signed a contract for a book,which is being co-written by a ghost writer and which was sold at the recent Frankfurt book fair.

There is also talk about a Hollywood movie about the affair, although Leeson's Singapore lawyer, John Koh, said earlier this week that no deal had yet been signed.

Leeson's lawyers have until the beginning of next week to decide on whether to appeal against sentence. Family and friends had expected a lighter sentence since he pleaded guilty on a reduced count of charges.