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MARKET HARBOROUGH Building Society is launching an on-line savings application form for its 30-Day Direct Plus Account, which pays up to 5.75 per cent gross on deposits between pounds 10,000 and pounds 50,000. The starting rate is 5.4 per cent gross. Contact: www.mhbs.co.uk.

NORWICH UNION is offering a free video that explains the ins and outs of Individual Savings Accounts. Call 0800 0960146 for a copy.

BRISTOL & WEST is launching Easy Life, a five-year fixed interest bond that pays 7.85 per cent. The bond is also guaranteed not to fall by more than 1 per cent below Bank of England base rates for two years after it matures. Call 0800 0287003s.

WEST BROMWICH Building Society is launching a two-year fixed-interest mortgage, with rates pegged at 4.45 per cent. The loan covers up to 95 per cent of a property's value. A pounds 295 fee is payable. Five per cent of the loan is repayable on redemption in the first five years of the loan. Buildings insurance is compulsory. Call 0121 5806404.

JOHNSTONE DOUGLAS, a firm of independent financial advisers, has launched a free guide to advise pension savers on opting out of Serps, the state earnings-related scheme. Call 0800 0721530.