Mansfield Brewery links up with S&N

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SHARES in Mansfield Brewery, the Yorkshire and Humberside producer and publican, jumped 17p yesterday on news that it had secured a tie-up with Scottish & Newcastle, Britain's biggest regional brewer.

Mansfield is replacing its own- brand Marksman lager with S&N's McEwan's. Mansfield has also bought 11 pubs from its larger rival.

Colin Stump, Mansfield marketing manager, declined to say how much money changed hands but said the deal would enhance earnings.

An S&N promise to promote McEwan's lager through television advertising in Mansfield's catchment area is a key part of the deal. Figures provided by S&N claim that McEwan's is the only leading brand lager that is gaining market share. It claims 1 per cent growth compared with shrinking sales of Carling Black Label, Foster's, Heineken, Carlsberg and Skol.

Mansfield makes bitter and mild beers sold under the Mansfield banner, Riding Traditional bitter and Old Bailey strong ale.

The two traditional ales brewed by Mansfield will get some exposure as guest beers in S&N pubs. Mansfield has also agreed to brew some beer for S&N under contract.

Mansfield shares closed at 702p. S&N were 1p better at 438p.