Markets: How Britain's biggest have performed

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BP fell sharply, taking nearly 20 points off the FT-SE 100 during the week as broker buy recommendations were offset by traders' concerns over weakening oil prices. With Glaxo Wellcome also off sharply, the FT- SE fell 146 points on the week to close at 4,848.2. The entry of Williams to the index did not help as its shares promptly dropped 16p.

The market fell despite the Bank of England's decision to leave interest rates unchanged, the first time rates have not gone up since the May election.

Retailers will be the focus this week with results scheduled from Next, Kingfisher and French Connection. Retail sales figures and unemployment numbers for August are due on Wednesday, with the preliminary money supply figures published the following day. These should clarify the inflation outlook. Other companies to report earnings include insurer Sun Life and Provincial, Britannic Assurance and London & Manchester.

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