Money: Cashpoints: Rewards for savers

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The new Halifax Saver Reward Account pays a higher rate of interest to savers who limit their withdrawals each year. With pounds 500 saved, you'll get 4.5 per cent gross if you make fewer than three withdrawals per year. This drops to just 1.5 per cent if you make more than 13 withdrawals. The account is available now in branches.

Standard Life's successful flexible mortgage, Freestyle, is now discounted to 4.55 per cent interest for the first six months, with a standard variable rate of 5.88 per cent after that. The mortgage is available over the phone. Details on 0845 845 8450.

Health insurer WPA is campaigning to stop private hospitals charging different rates to patients who pay for operations and those who have insurance. It says a hip replacement is pounds 5,700 for self-pay patients, compared with pounds 8,457 to insurers. WPA says the practice is inflating premiums. It has a fact sheet available on 0800 783 3783.