Money: Plastic tactics for the World Cup

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n There's still time to enter a prize draw for World Cup final tickets. Capital One, the American credit card issuer, is offering a pair of tickets to the winner of a prize draw on 10 June. You'll still be entered in the draw if your application is turned down. The card carries an APR of 6.9 per cent until January 1999. The rate will then rise to 17.9 per cent. Call 0800 66 9000 for details.

n SocGen Asset Management has launched a new technology unit trust fund, run by the team it poached from the successful Aberdeen Prolific technology trust. Alan Torry and Chris Godding will be aiming to repeat their success for SocGen with a fund concentrating on software, intercoms, the internet, semiconductors and life sciences. The fund will carry a 5.25 per cent initial charge and an annual fee of 1.75 per cent. Minimum contributions will be pounds 1,000 lump sum or pounds 50 per month. If you invest now you'll get a 2 per cent discount, in the form of extra units. Call 0800 783 3669.

n Bristol & West has a set of fixed-rate bonds, including a nine-month bond paying 7.10 per cent gross (5.68 per cent after tax) on pounds 5,000. This sort of bond is ideal for people who are worried about falling interest rates and want to lock in their money at a higher rate for a few months. The bank's bond range also includes a one year fixed-rate bond paying 7.05 per cent gross (5.64 per cent net). Call 0800 202121 for more details.

n With-profit bonds are often recommended by financial advisers but which ones are best? Chartwell Investment Management has done some in- depth research on the subject and come up with a booklet offering its recommendations: Prudential comes out on top. For a free copy of the booklet call Chartwell on 01225 446 556.

n Cautious investors who want some exposure to European stock markets may be interested in the Legal & General Growth and Protection PEP. It tracks the largest companies in the UK and Europe and protects you against stock market falls. There's a fixed six-and-a-quarter-year term, until September 2004. The offer is only open until 12 June and the minimum investment is pounds 3,000. Call 0171-528 6793 for more details.

n IFA Promotion, which promotes independent financial advice, has put together a guide to inheritance tax planning. The guide offers advice on making a will and how to plan effectively to minimise any tax problems. Call 0117 971 1177 and ask for the "Guide to Inheritance".

n Triodos Bank, the ethical investment bank, is behind the launch of the second share issue from The Wind Fund. The company has been set up to provide investment for green energy developments. Investors can put in a minimum of pounds 260 and there are no management fees. Projected yield is expected to be equivalent to 9 per cent per year over 15 years. The Wind Fund is already established, and has invested nearly pounds 1m in renewable energy projects already. For more details call 0800 056 2761. Or visit the website:

n C&G has a new savings account offering 7 per cent gross on pounds 1,000 upwards. Instant 10 is branch based and savers have to give 10 days' notice of withdrawal to avoid losing 10 days' interest on their money. The account can be opened at C&G branches and you can receive details by calling 0800 867728.