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Year ended 31 December:

Graham Group more than doubled pre-tax profits to £18.9m (£8.6m). EPS 10.7p (8.2p). Total dividend is 5.25p.

Grafton Group lifted pre-tax profits to Ir£8m (Ir£4.1m). EPS rose to Ir40.2p (Ir20.9p). Total dividend is 8.5p (7.25p).

Stat-Plus Group edged pre-tax profits ahead to £3.5m (£3.4m). EPS 10.8p (10.7p). Total dividend rose to 9.5p (8.8p).

Serco Group advanced to £12.5m (£9.4m) pre-tax profits. EPS 12p (9.4p). Total dividend is lifted to 4p (3.4p).

Yorkshire Food Group achieved an increase in pre-tax profits to £6m (£5m). EPS 10.28p (9.33p). Total dividend 3.52p (3.2p).

Six months to 31 December:

SR Gent boosted pre-tax profits to £2.7m (£1.2m). EPS 4.7p (1.8p). Dividend 1p (0.9p).

Linx Printing made £614,000 pre-tax profit (loss £390,000). EPS 2.8p (Lps 1.8p). Dividend is 0.7p (0.25p).