After scandal, Swiss come clean with a new governor

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The uproar over his wife's currency dealings may have cost Swiss National Bank governor Philipp Hildebrand his job, but the auditors have at least given his likely successor Thomas Jordan a clean bill of health.

Accounting firm KPMG was engaged to audit the affairs of Mr Jordon as well as deputy board members Thomas Moser and Dewet Moser after the scandal cost Mr Hildebrand his job on January. His wife Kaysha bought more than $500,000 (£317,000) of dollars last August weeks before the SNB set a cap on the soaring Swiss franc, generating profits of of SwFr 70,000 (£48,000).

The clearance from KPMG paves the way for Jordan to take the top job. SNB supervisory council head Hansueli Raggenbass said: "All the prerequisites have been fulfilled for the government to name the chairman and the vice chairman."