Aldi beats posh shops to title of Britain's favourite supermarket

Aldi beats traditional favourites as cash-strapped shoppers go bargain hunting

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Discount retailer Aldi has beaten upmarket rivals Waitrose and M&S to be crowned Britain's favourite supermarket chain.

With an overall customer satisfaction score of 76 per cent, Aldi narrowly beat long-favourite Waitrose (75 per cent), voted the best supermarket in the UK since the survey began in 2007, as bargain-hungry shoppers turn to cheaper options.

Customers said the German budget retailer provides "good value for money" and does the "most to help ease the impact of rising food bills", according to price comparison site Which?

Marks & Spencer came in third, followed by Lidl, Iceland and Wal-Mart owned Asda

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: "With rising food prices one of consumers’ top financial worries and household budgets being squeezed, it's no surprise that the supermarket that scored the highest on value for money was rated the best in our survey".

The Co-operative fell to the bottom of the list following an annus horribilis for the Co-op group marred by drug allegations involving former bank chairman Paul Flowers and financial woes at its banking arm.

Tesco, Britain's biggest supermarket chain scored 57 per cent in terms of customer satisfaction, below rival Sainsbury's (64 per cent) adding to signs that the traditional 'Big Four' are struggling to lure squeezed middle class shoppers.

Ocado came top of the'‘online only' category, receiving a score of 78 per cent for customer satisfaction.

More than 7,000 shoppers were surveyed for the poll, scoring each chain on pricing, product quality, store environment and customer service.

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