Amazon is 'broadcasting images of workers breaking rules on TVs in warehouse'

The tactic is understood to be being used in US-based warehouses

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Amazon has reportedly put up flatscreen TVs in its warehouses - to show workers images of former colleagues stealing.

Eleven of the company's current and former warehouse workers and antitheft staff have told Bloomberg about the measure. It is being used to discourage stealing in the warehouses, the sources said.

The alleged offenders are not mentioned by name. Instead, Amazon conceals their identity under a black silhouette stamped with the word "terminated", alongside details of their theft like what they stole, how much it was worth, and how they were caught, which ranges from changing the outgoing addresses on envelopes to stuffing goods down socks. Some of the silhouettes are marked "arrested".

Amazon's high staff turnover and low wages makes theft a particular concern. Employees told Bloomberg that the people featured in the warning images stole a range of goods including DVDs, an iPad, a microwave, video games and even their colleague's lunch.

“That’s a weird way to go about scaring people,” one worker who used to work at Amazon’s warehouse in San Bernardino, California, told Bloomberg. “I think that’s offensive.”

The flatscreen TVs are reported to show videos of people fired for violence as well as more positive announcements. In warehouses without screens, the notices are tacked to walls.

The tactic is understood to be being used in US-based warehouses. The Independent has approached Amazon for comment.

The news comes as Amazon has created 1,000 UK jobs at a new warehouse in Manchester. It is trying to reduce its reliance on humans by experimenting with robots in its warehouses and delivery drones.