American Apparel bans office romance after sacking Dov Charney

A new ethics code has been listed on the Los Angeles-based company's website

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US fashion retailer American Apparel has strengthened rules to prevent sexual harassment among its employees, it has emerged. 

A new ethics code listed on the Los Angeles website shows that "no management-level employee may make sexual advances, welcome or unwelcome, toward any subordinate".

At around 6,200 words, Bloomberg reported that the new code is over four times as long as its predecessor.

The move follows last month’s sacking of founder Dov Charney as chief executive for alleged misconduct. The board had suspended him six months earlier and has since replaced him with the company's first female chief executive.


Company directors claimed Charney violated the chain’s sexual-harassment policies and improperly bought travel for family members with company funds. Charney’s lawyer has called the allegations "baseless".

In a management makeover, the ‘Vertically Integrated Manufacturing’ company recently brought in new chief executive Paula Schneider, while board member Colleen Brown was named Chairperson.

The Independent has reached out to American Apparel for comment.