Argos recalls Nevaboard hoverboards over electrocution fears

Argos called for customers to stop using the Nevaboard immediately

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Argos have recalled a model of hoverboard over fears that it could electrocute users.

Argos said that Nevaboard hoverboards, supplied by Debut Sports, do not comply with technical standards and could pose a risk of electrocution.

Argos is the only retailer of Nevaboard hoverboards in the UK and Ireland. 

"If you have a Nevaboard product, please stop using it immediately," Argos said. “The mains plug and transformer do not fully comply with the required technical standards and could pose a risk of electrocution."

Argos requested that customers return the hoverboard, catalogue number 455/7669, to their nearly Argos for a full refund. Proof of purchase is not required. 

Hoverboards to be returned

Airlines have been grappling with hoverboards over fears that they pose a fire risk. In December, the largest three US airlines - American, United and Delta - banned hoverboards while the US Consumer Product Safety Commission conducts an investigation.

The UK's National Trading Standards organisation has said that 88 per cent of the 17,000 hoverboards that have been examined at UK entrypoints, including airports, are deemed to be unsafe because of the risk of them overheating, exploding or catching fire.