BAE joins wave energy project

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BAE systems has teamed up with the wave energy developer Aquamarine Power in an almost £1m project to produce more reliable alternative energy sources for the UK. BAE and Aquamarine put up £450,000, to match a grant from the Technology Strategy Board. The funding is to support the development of the commercial production of Aquamarine's Oyster wave energy converter.

The group described the device as a "buoyant hinged flap" that attaches to the seabed. As it moves backwards and forwards in the waves, it pumps high pressure water onshore to drive a turbine that generates electricity for the National Grid. BAE will work to develop systems to bring down the costs of the device and help to boost energy production. The device has already been tested at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, and the companies hope to roll it out to clean energy farms globally.