Bailey got £2.3m as she left Trinity Mirror


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Sly Bailey, the former chief executive of Trinity Mirror, walked away with nearly £2.3m from the newspaper publisher last year after an investor revolt and a 90 per cent slump in the share price.

The annual report showed her “compensation for loss of office” was £1.8m.

MsBailey, pictured, received a “compensatory payout” of £896,000, from June 2012 until May 2013.

She also pocketed £911,000 from long-term share options.

During the earlier part of 2012, before her resignation, Ms Bailey got a further £459,000 in salary and benefits.

Her successor, Simon Fox, earns a base salary of £500,000 – one third less than Ms Bailey – after the group’s chairman, David Grigson, responded to anger from hard-pressed Trinity shareholders.

The report thanked  Ms Bailey but said nothing about the former Daily Mirror editor Richard Wallace and his Sunday Mirror counterpart Tina Weaver, who were ousted last May. Ms Weaver was arrested in connection with phone-hacking last month but not charged.