Banks still levy big overdraft fees

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Bank customers are still being hit with high overdraft fees.

The consumer group Which? worked out what 13 banks and building societies would charge for exceeding an agreed overdraft by £30 over three days, with a £10 cheque on the first day, a £10 direct debit on day two and a £10 standing order on day three.

Alliance & Leicester charged the most – £90 – followed by the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society at £88. Halifax/Bank of Scotland charged the least – £15 – followed by Barclays at £22.

Alliance & Leicester, owned by the giant Spanish bank Santander, said: "We believe that our fees are fair, legal and appropriate, and clearly explained to customers."

Norwich & Peterborough said: "This is a very specific scenario; there will be others where we would come out more favourably. On 1 July we will be introducing a £10 fee-free buffer zone in which all current account customers will be exempt from fees for the first £10 of borrowing."