BP chief cheats death as executive jet crash lands

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A leading executive with the oil company BP Amoco has cheated death after one of the company's corporate jets crash landed in the United States, writes Michael Harrison.

The Falcon aircraft carrying Rodney Chase, deputy chief executive, skidded on black ice as it landed at Hyannis airport on Cape Cod, careered across a four-lane highway and crashed into the fencing of a shopping mall at 140mph. However, no one was injured even though the jet lost its undercarriage and both wings.

A spokesman for BP Amoco said: "Thankfully, Rodney and both pilots got out unhurt. Luckily there was no traffic using the road at the time."

Mr Chase, a regular user of the company jet, had been on business in Alaska and Chicago and was returning from New York to Cape Cod. He has a home in the exclusive resort, famous as the Kennedy family retreat.