Branson and Dyson back euro

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Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin boss, and James Dyson, the inventor, are to come out in support of the campaign to join the single European currency.

The pro-euro campaign group, "Britain in Europe", is hoping to announce in the next few days that the two high-profile businessmen have joined the organisation.

Their membership will provide an extra fillip to the "Yes" campaign, which this week was boosted by Ken Clarke, a euro supporter, standing for the Tory Party leadership, and also by a pro-euro letter from 50 top City figures in the press.

Sir Richard Branson told the Independent on Sunday: "To me, and most of the British people, it seems pretty obvious that when the conditions are right we will end up in the euro.

"The alternative might be a horrible situation where we are squeezed between the dollar and the euro and have a long period of instability."

Mr Dyson was even more enthusiastic with his backing. "I am a great supporter of the single currency. I want to help British manufacturers export their products to Europe. Certain people say that supporting the euro is anti-British, but I think it is quite the opposite. I am very happy to stand up and be counted."