British equity firm 'Isis' changes name over terror link


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A British finance company called Isis Equity Partners has announced it is changing its name – because it is “no longer prepared to share it with a terrorist organisation”.

The independent private equity investor, which has offices in London, Manchester and Birmignham, issued a statement saying: “Given on-going events in Syria and Iraq, it will come as no surprise to you to learn that we have decided to change our name”.

The firm said it would reveal its new name and branding in a few weeks.

The recent rise of Isis – also known as Islamic State – as a military and terrorist force in the Middle East has forced several Western companies to rethink their names to avoid negative publicity. Isis Wallet, a mobile wallet app, changed its name to Softcard earlier this year to avoid associations with the Islamic militant group.

But US-based Isis Pharmaceuticals has said it has  no plans to change its 25-year-old brand. The biomedical company is known for its work on genetic diseases and hopes that such a strong reputation will deter any confusion from potential clients.