Brown taps City for new Customs chief

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Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, said yesterday he was hoping to attract "a leading captain of industry" to run the new, integrated Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise. But he is willing to pay no more than £250,000 a year, while most major chairmen and chief executives earn more than £1m. Most suitable candidate therefore will be expected to take a pay cut.

The job advertisement, published yesterday on the Treasury website, says the head of the new department will be a full-time executive chairman ranking at the same level as a civil service permanent secretary. Pay for that grade ranges from £100,000 to £250,000 a year.

The requirements include: experience of high-profile leadership in a large organisation and proven ability to manage major change; the skills to influence stakeholders inside and outside Government at the highest level; the ability to develop and communicate sense of purpose and direction to internal and external stakeholders.

The advert also asks for: strong management skills, including strategic resource allocation and implementation of assurance mechanisms to ensure legal compliance and value for money; an understanding of the challenges of working in the public sector; and the commitment to deliver concrete benefits to customers, staff and the broader sector.

The advert says the chairman will be "responsible for defining the vision for the new department and making it a reality, developing a new business strategy, while ensuring the continued operation of 'business as usual' in Customs and Revenue".