BSkyb ups stake in Silicon Valley start-up Jaunt

Virtual reality could be the next innovation for BSkyB after its investment

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BSkyb has increased its investment in Silicon Valley virtual start-up Jaunt, paying $400,000 (£236,000) for a further stake, following a $350,000 outlay in December.

Jaunt claims its technology offers “cinematic virtual reality” that means “you will feel transported directly into the middle of the action” by wearing a headset such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

Sky indicated there are no imminent plans to introduce virtual reality to viewers but it will gain “additional insight” from Jaunt.

This is one of a string of small venture-capital-style investments that Sky chief Jeremy Darroch has been making, even as he completes a £5.3 billion takeover of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.

Darroch has invested $12 million in Roku, which powers Sky’s internet service Now TV, and $2 million on 1 Mainstream, a start-up that speeds up video-streaming and is being used by Sky News.

Sky raised £1.39 billion from investors on Friday at 870p a share to fund its Europe expansion.