Budget 2015 live: Osborne hails 'Britain the comeback country' but Miliband says he will not be believed

Chancellor makes his last play to sway voters ahead of General Election

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George Osborne has delivered his final Budget speech ahead of the General Election.

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* Britain can 'walk tall again' - final pitch to voters

* Miliband: 'People will not believe' Osborne

* First-time buyers promised 25% top-up to deposits

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UK economic growth has benefited from the falling price of oil, an uplift in European growth thanks to cash injections from the European Central Bank and a decreasing borrowing costs - three areas Osborne has had little control over, though he may well take credit for the improvement in our fortunes.

Fortunes have improved: the UK economy grew by 2.6 per cent last year. The last time growth exceeded this was before the financial crisis in 2006, when growth was 3 per cent.