Burger King ditches low calorie 'Satisfries' chips

Fast food chain ditches 'diet chips' as it announces the return of its deep fried 'chicken fries'

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Burger King is set to drop its lower calorie, reduced fat chips 'Satisfries' from its North American restaurants.

In a statement, the fast food chain said only 2,500 of its approximately 7,371 restaurants in the US and Canada will continue to sell them as a permanent item on the menu. The rest have already started phasing out the product.

Burger King introduced its so-called "diet chips" less than a year ago, claiming it contains 40 per cent less fat and 30 per cent fewer calories than McDonald's chips. A small box of 'Satisfries' chips has 270 calories and 11 grams of fat compared to 340 calories and 15 grams of fat in regular chips.

Departing from its health-conscious 'Satisfries', the chain also announced it will bring back its deep-fried chicken chips due to popular demand, adding: "On peak days we’ve seen one tweet every forty seconds about Chicken Fries, many of them directly petitioning, begging, for us to bring them back".


Earlier this month, Burger King reported revenue fell 6.1 per cent to $261.2 million in the second quarter, although same-store sales in the US and Canada rose 0.4 per cent. The chain also said it hopes to make its kitchens faster and less complicated by introducing fewer new products.

'Satisfries' are still available in the UK, Spain and Germany.