Business Diary: 12/08/2009

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Wall Street bonuses fire fashion passion

With all the hoo-ha over the return of big bonuses, there is a group, other than bankers themselves, who are happy: women in fashion.

Last week saw the latest Fashion Meets Finance gathering in New York, with flyers trumpeting: "The recession is over!" It is essentially a dating night with the delightful mix of desperate bankers, who have to disclose title and salary before admittance, and gold-digging fashionistas. The site enticed the women with this tidbit: "It might be a year before bonuses start inflating themselves again but it will happen ... It will only be a couple of years until you can quit your job and become a tennis mom."

Angry driver finds council really taxing

The Diary was delighted to receive this snap of a random punter's tax disk, see left. There was only one question on our lips, though. Where do we get one? And are they available for resident's permits?

Boro footballer finds solace in Platinum

Entrepreneurs often emerge in a slump, although not often in the sporting arena. Middlesbrough Football Club are in the doldrums after relegation from the Premier League, yet out of that fug, defender Andrew Taylor, pictured right, has set up his own business. Platinum Players launches next month and aims to help professionals throughout the league from being ripped off by ne'er-do-well salesmen. Companies including Bentley and Harvey Nicks are already signed up. Shame Taylor, 23, didn't set up the service for 'Boro fans last year – they could have been protected from losing vast sums of money on men posing as footballers who made a swift exit with the loot to the Championship.

Mandy shuns papers to brush up camera work

An insight into the world of the First Secretary of State's priorities. Peter Mandelson gave exhaustive interviews to BBC and Sky's TV cameras on the MG Rover case. When any of the lowly scribes on the nationals had the audacity to ask for comment his team was curt: "He's already done the lunchtime news." The implication was clear: no camera, no comment. So maybe the Acting Prime Minister really wants to abandon the "Prime Minister" and take up Acting instead.

Number of the day: 520

Films made in the US last year – 25 per cent fewer than in 2007. Production tends to track recessions.