Business Diary: 12/12/2009

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Stand up if you've got good ideas

Staff at Metro, the Associated Newspapers freesheet, have apparently received an odd email from John Leitch, one of their directors. He wants them to know that the height of their boardroom table has been raised so that meetings can henceforth be held with participants standing up. Makes people more productive, apparently.

Krugman's love letter to Number 11

Not everyone in finance thinks the Chancellor's tax on bank bonuses stinks. "Are we worried it's unfair to discriminate against high-earning bankers? Bear with me while I stop laughing," blogs the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman. "More seriously, the whole sector has just been bailed out at immense taxpayer expense. Some payback seems entirely reasonable." The posting is entitled "Darling, I love you".

Playing the blame game with names

Adili, the ethical goods retailer, has been struggling to shift its gear in recent months, its latest posting to the Stock Exchange warns. The big problem, it explains, is that the company began trading under a new name, Ascension, early in the autumn, and many customers didn't seem to notice.

The most important family members

Good news from the private equity firm Bridgestone's Pets at Home. You might think it would suffer in a recession, but people put their furry friends first in tough times. Pets at Home reports record sales of advent calendars for moggies and pooches.

The right man at the right time

Juvenile, we know, but can you guess the name of the director of the TMA, a business group, who was complaining loudly yesterday about the gap in the Government's finances following the pre-Budget report? Step forward Mr Hole.

Number of the day: 19.2%

China's annualised growth in industrial production during November, the highest figure for two and a half years.