Business Diary: 29/04/2010

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The winners the bookie wouldn't let you back

Paddy Power is the bookmaker best known for offering odds on almost anything you want to bet on.

Strange then, that it doesn't appear to have been running a book on the outcome of Tuesday night's Betfair awards for the betting industry. Perhaps it had an inkling that the list of 13 winners in every sort of category you can imagine would not feature its own name even once.

Greece is a gift to the world's headline writers

Answers on a postcard please. Headlines we spotted yesterday – none of them from The Independent, we might add – on the economic basket case of the Mediterranean included: "Greek tragedy", "Beware of Greeks bearing gilts", "The four horsemen of the Acropolis", "Greece comes Acropolis" and, our favourite of all, "Making a drachma out of a crisis". Have you got an even better (we use the word advisedly) pun to offer?

Fighting to get their message across

Good marketing is all about conveying a sense of the values that drive your organisation. To that end, what are the folk at Mondo Visione hoping to achieve with their invitation to a conference featuring 200 delegates from the stock exchange industry? It arrives with a miniature pair of boxing gloves. Because a big punch-up is exactly what you want from a day out in the City.

More than just the green shoots of recovery

Forget Greece, forget the Goldman Sachs scandal and even forget tonight's leaders' debate on the economy. The big business story of the day comes courtesy of the Asparagus Growers' Association, ahead of the official beginning of British asparagus season on Monday. "We're predicting that 2010 could be our best year yet with overall UK consumption of asparagus topping almost 8,000 tonnes, a new British record," they tell us.