Business Diary: 30/01/2010

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Hell hath no fury like Apple scorned

Technology website VentureBeat claims McGraw Hill was dropped from Steve Jobs' launch presentation of the Apple iPad on Wednesday (it was apparently meant to feature on a slide naming partners for the device).

The publisher's boss, Harold McGraw III, had made the mistake of talking about the launch on television on Tuesday – breaking the Apple omerta.

How am I supposed to live without you?

We know it's childish but we just can't help it. A triumphant press release arrives from Clayton Euro Risk, a specialist mortgage provider, heralding the appointment of a new director. Step forward Michael Bolton.

Inside knowledge spoils the market

Paddy Power, the bookmaker, often offers odds on business matters – particularly on hirings and firings at major companies. Strangely, no book was run on the race for the chairmanship of Debenhams. Possibly that was because the retailer's choice is Nigel Northridge, the chairman of none other than Paddy Power.

Lulu the dog wins £700m legal fight

A turning point in the legal battle between EDS and BSkyB – won by the latter this week – came when Joe Galloway, a big cheese at the consultant, was exposed telling porkies. Galloway said he had an MBA from Concordia College – BSkyB claimed the qualification wasn't kosher and its QC, Mark Howard, procured a degree for his dog, Lulu, to prove the point.

Posties celebrate as Crozier quits

Adam Crozier, the new boss of ITV, will clearly not be missed by many at the Royal Mail, his current employer. One blogger reports he heard of the appointment on Thursday afternoon just as a postman arrived with a delivery. On hearing the news, the deliriously happy postie announced "you've made my day".

Number of the day: £60m

The amount BBC Worldwide should be charged for using the BBC brand, according to independent producers