Business Diary: 30/09/2009

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Ryanair's offer melts in the mouth

Another generous offer from the cost-conscious folk at Ryanair. It normally costs £30 to take your skis on one of its flights, but the airline is advertising a special offer right now – it will transport them for free. Just one problem –the press adverts mistakenly say the deal expires on 1 September, almost a month ago, and before a single snowflake had fallen in Europe's leading ski resorts.

Does Winters regret his words now?

A coincidence of timing no doubt, but the announcement of the departure of Bill Winters from the most senior European investment banking post at JP Morgan yesterday came just 24 hours after his remarks on the causes of the banking crisis – "greedy bankers, investors and borrowers" and "inept risk managers who relied on the rating agencies" – ruffled a few feathers, to say the least.

Dow Jones works out how to fill the chasm

Lost in translation? Dow Jones has taken some stick for its decision to close the Far Eastern Economic Review, the well-respected journal, but fear not – the money saved is to be well spent. "Opinion and commentary resources from Asia will expand across all Dow Jones properties including an expanded news hole," the company tells us. What on earth is a news hole?

O2 slips to last place in iPhone race

Bad news for O2. Having seen two rivals in as many days get access to what was previously a unique selling point for the network, the Apple iPhone, bookmakers are betting on it to come last on sales of the gadget next year. Paddy Power puts O2 at 5/2 in the race to sell the most iPhones in 2010, behind Vodafone at 7/4 and Orange at 11/10.

The forgotten men of mobile telecoms

Still on mobile networks, poor old 3 has been rather left behind in the iPhone wars. Still, it has an ace up its sleeve: it is now offering cash rewards to customers who manage to persuade friends and family to sign up for its pay-as-you-go services. Sounds a bit desperate.

Number of the day: £3.7bn

The value of British horse-racing to the economy in 2008, according to an analysis from accountancy Deloitte.