Business Diary: Aeroflot skates on thin ice to build brand

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Aeroflot has spent the past few years trying to improve its image, and hopes its latest move will help to complete the process. It has signed up as sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. And before you scoff, you might like to reflect on the fact that the semi-privatised airline is now close to being the most profitable such company in the world.

Bolam to play bank boss in crunch drama

Coming soon to a small screen near you: Lehman Brothers the movie, which is currently in production with the BBC. Lehman boss Dick Fuld is to be played by relative unknown Corey Johnson, but Ken Lewis, the former Bank of America chief, will be pleased to know his impersonator is a big star: none other than James Bolam of The Likely Lads and New Tricks.

A second chance to beat the Australians

Bupa has hit on a novel marketing trick to boost entries to its Great Capital Run, the event it sponsors in Regent's Park. The 5,000 runners are to be split into two teams, with the healthcare company having signed up Graham Gooch and Jeff Thomson as captains of England and Australia respectively. Let's hope Gooch is celebrating an England Ashes victory by race day.

Trust Elmo to teach the kids about hard times

Worried about how to tell your kids that cash is tight during these difficult times? Worry no longer. Sesame Street is producing a special edition hosted by Elmo that will address the global economic slowdown, "offering strategies and tips that can lead to positive outcomes for their children".

Australia remembers China is its friend

Three weeks ago, Australian diplomats could barely bring themselves to say the word China following a row over the arrest of Rio Tinto staff. Strangely, the Australian government was happy to dispatch a legion of officials to China this week, led by ministers, all of whom were feeling very friendly. The £25bn trade deal signed with Petrochina obviously lightened their mood.

Number of the day: £200bn

The budget for quantitative easing Mervyn King wanted to agree: MPC colleagues went for a smaller total.