Business Diary: All singing from the same songsheet

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Much mirth among those who back Ofcom's plans to force Sky to share more content at lower prices. The submissions to Ofcom from sports associations representing cricket, rugby union and rugby league had more in common than the fact that they are opposed to the regulator's plans. The wording of each one is remarkably similar: almost as if the same person – or company – had offered them a template.

Not so big in Japan after all

So is Neptune Investment Management reconsidering its plan to take a group of journalists to Tokyo next March? The fund manager has just had to explain to clients why its flagship Japan Opportunities fund has lost 12.5 per cent of its value in the space of only 30 days.

Marketing move that doesn't have wings

Red faces at Red Bull. Having lost the deal to supply JD Wetherspoon to rival Monster, the drinks firm sent staff on a secret mission. It told them to take cans of Red Bull into JDW pubs and, when challenged, to complain they preferred it to Monster. Sadly, someone leaked the briefing note detailing the strategy – "for staff and managers to see and feedback that their customers are not happy about Monster being stocked" – to Marketing magazine.

A long cold night waiting for Curry's

Wimbledon, yes. The new i-phone, maybe. But what were customers who spent Wednesday night camped outside the new PC World and Curry's megastores in Fulham hoping for? The queue was 700 deep by Thursday morning's opening.

Goldman calls it wrong for once

Goldman Sachs folk are fallible after all. Last week, the bank raised its forecast for US job losses just hours before official data confirmed the statistics were indeed much worse than most analysts expected. Eager to repeat the trick, Goldman cut its forecast for third-quarter US GDP growth late on Wednesday, going for a figure of 2.7 per cent. Just 24 hours later, the real figure came in well above expectations at 3.5 per cent.

Number of the day: 18%

The fall in sat-nav specialist Garmin's share price after Google said it would offer a free sat-nav device for phones.