Business diary: Apple is an hour behind the times

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If you were horribly late for work yesterday, try telling the boss your iPhone was to blame. Apple's clever phones updated their inbuilt clocks automatically on Sunday as Britain put the clocks back by an hour, but unbeknown to many, the alarm feature on the phones didn't get the message quite right. As a result, many iPhone users saw their alarms go off an hour late on their first day back to work following the change. It's a software glitch apparently – on the plus side, at least Apple has six months to put it right.

Dyke dreams of the glory days

Winemaker Penfolds has been sponsoring an interesting series of lectures featuring businessmen talking about their best year ever. Today promises to be fun, with former BBC director-general Greg Dyke due to speak: Penfolds promises he'll share his views on everything from the appalling viewing figures being posted by Daybreak to Richard Desmond's takeover of Five. It's sad to see, however, that Dyke still sees his best year ever as having been 1991, when he took over as chief executive of LWT. Let's hope he doesn't have to go on trading on past glories forever.

Cross Dr Doom at your peril

We know Twitter is a wonderful invention, but it does give people a rather too tempting opportunity to sound off without thinking first. Take Nouriel Roubini, the US economist dubbed "Dr Doom" for his regularly pessimistic forecasts. He's taken umbrage to some gentle ribbing from Business Insider columnist Joe Weisenthal about his latest projections for the performance of the US economy. His Tweets on the row so far include "Wiesenthal of Business Insider is an idiot" and "because he is a loser and like all parasite losers, he hopes for attention and traffic". Come on chaps, step away from the handbags.

Park here for serious savings

Ping. Another junk email arrives, this one inviting us to a "company car seminar in Milton Keynes". It promises to tell businesses with fleets of such vehicles how to save thousands of pounds. If you're interested, get in touch quickly,as "limited places are available". We can only assume that there is a shortage of parking spots.