Business Diary: Apprentice master has much to learn

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It's a good job this isn't a task,given how angry the fearsome Lord Sugar gets when contestants on The Apprentice lose him money. What then to make of his latest tweet? "Bank shares seem too low: I bought Lloyds, RBS, Barclays on Friday," he tells his loyal followers. Since then, almost inevitably, the shares in question have fallen further. Still, we're sure Lord Sugar is in for the long haul and to be fair, he does warn followers that he's not an expert and that they should take advice before copying his lead.

Osborne forgets Governor's title

George Osborne will surely be aware of all the calls for people to show more respect in these troubled times. A pity then that the Chancellor sees fit to be so impertinent towards the Governor of the Bank ofEngland. Mr Osborne's letter yesterday to the Governor on the latest missed inflation target is addressed to "Mervyn King" and begins "Dear Mervyn". The Chancellor must surely know that the oncehumble Mr King has been Sir Mervyn for several months now. Is this proof of rumours that there is no love lost between the pair of them?

The heavyweight business plan

One has to admire business folk who can spot an opportunity and are not afraid to exploit it. Like, for example, All About Weight, acompany that specialises in diet plans. It has just announced the acquisition of the LBD Collection, the online fashion store, which specialises in glamorous plus-size outfits – sizes 8 to 32 since you ask. And presumably once it has flogged them the dress, All About Weight will start pushing with the diet plans. Talk about a neat fit (the deal, not the clothes).

Round Scotland by bike and boat

This is a cute trick from the defence giant BAE Systems. It has just dispatched a huge great chunk of the new aircraftcarrier it is building for the Royal Navy from its shipyard in Govan. It will travel 600 miles round the coast of Scotland to the docks at Rosyth, where the aircraft carrier is to be assembled. Meanwhile, 50 cyclists will shadow its journey (on land, naturally) in an attempt to raise thousands of pounds fornavy-linked charities. The race is officially on.