Business Diary: Australian bank backs UK cricket

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So have you come across table cricket yet? It's a fantastic sport using converted table tennis equipment to enable disabled people to play cricket (with the added advantage that rain never stops play). Watch out for a higher profile for the sport. Macquarie Group, the Australian financial services business, unveiled a partnership with The Lord's Taverners charity yesterday to sponsor the sport in Britain, including the National Table Cricket competition. Let's hope they bring some of those hopeless Aussie cricketers with them.

Mullins toys with European market

Charlie Mullins, the boss of Pimlico Plumbers, is not to everyone's taste – his pronouncements on political issues of the day can be, how shall we put it, provocative. Still, you can't fault his entrepreneurial skills: having built a very successful business from mending the drains and suchlike, he is now diversifying into the toy industry. Pimlico has begun selling models of its blue and white vans, a familiar sight on the streets of London, and Mullins reports interest from collectors all over the world. One toy is already selling for £50 on eBay.

Argos is hipper than you think

Market research companies Experian and IMG know what they're doing, so we believe their list of the UK's top 10 internet retailers. There's Amazon in number one spot, just as you would predict, but who is this running them a close second? Step forward Argos, which the market researchers say gets more hits on its website than any other retailer except Amazon., Tesco, John Lewis, Apple – all of them trail in the wake of the supposedly old-fashioned Argos.

The cat who lost the cream

We're loving downingstlarry, the Twitter feed from the Prime Minister's new moggy (fake, we assume, unless those paws are even more nimble than we realised). We especially like this greeting, sent by an admirer: "@downingstlarry, say hi to your kindred spirit Vince Cable who has been neutered also." Poor old Vince: as Larry himself points out in reply, at least pussy cats are anaesthetised before they get the chop. Not so business secretaries.