Business diary: Bank told to stay out of lion's den

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These are scary times for the staff of Morgan Stanley – at least those based in the head office of the bank in Greenwich, Connecticut. They've all received an email from the bank warning them that a wild animal is on the prowl outside – a mountain lion, no less. The bank naturally wants to pass on the advice of law enforcement officials following "possible sightings" of the beast. They warn: "Anyone that sees this animal should not approach it and immediately call the local police". Wise words.

Mullins dishes it out to all sides

Let's say this for plumbing boss Charlie Mullins – he is at least even-handed in his views. Encouraging fellow businessmen to join the Government's new Work Programme scheme, the Pimlico Plumbers founder had a message for both greedy employers and lazy workers. "There has been too much focus on how much contractors will make from the public purse for every person they get into a job," he said. "The real message should be a clarion call to employers to create the jobs for the long-term unemployed and show benefit junkies that being in work has to be the only way to earn money."

A familiar name in discount retail

Okay, it's a common name, but we can't be the only ones to have done a double take on seeing the latest results from 99p Stores. For the discount retailer's chairman is none other than Gordon Brown. Sadly (though maybe not for him) this Mr Brown was not previously employed as the PM. He's the former managing director of Wilkinson's, another well-known retailer, and joined 99p Stores two years ago to help with its aggressive expansion plans.

Investec gets a plug on the BBC

Lucky old Investec – it's one of only a tiny handful of companies to have got its advertising on to the BBC, which is so sniffy about commercial stuff. The Beeb has just had to apologise after racing commentator Clare Balding said this on air following coverage of the Derby 10 days ago: "We thank Investec for their continued investment in this race meeting". Balding is not to blame – she was speaking over the public address system at Epsom at the time, and may not even have realised the BBC was taking a live feed.