Business Diary: Bankers' Knight has racy alter ego

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Angela Knight, the formidable head of the British BankersAssociation, has added blogging to the various channels she uses to campaign on behalf of her members, increasingly posting pithy comments online.

Just take a little care when searching for Ms Knight's bon mots, however, for "", the first thing that you're likely to come across, will take you to the site of an American author who shares our Ms Knight's name. Let's just say it's not the sort of site you would want to be spotted looking at in the office.

Another Briton scents success

L'Oreal could hardly be more French if it tried, but it is worth reminding our friends across the channel that the world's largest cosmetics company owes a good part of its success to a Briton, Lindsay Owen-Jones, who spent more than two decades at the helm, building it into a global concern. And now there's a new Brit heading for the top of the company – one Geoff Skingsley, who has just been made L'Oreal's head of Africa and the Middle East. Will history repeat itself?

The businessman's new best friend

Welcome back Tim Larkin, the deadly self-defence expert, who is returning to these shores next month to host "a boot camp at a secret location in London". Larkin, famously, can teach you how to kill a man without even breaking sweat (only acceptable if your life is being threatened, you understand), and having trained everyone from US Navy Seals to Scotland Yard protection officers, these days offers his services to businessmen. There's certainly no shortage of bankers – and others – who might feel the need for such self-defence training.

Sentance is not very repentant

Good for Andrew Sentance, the ex- Monetary Policy Committee member who spent so long campaigning for an interest rate rise and who is sticking to his guns. Despite the slowdown in the pace of recovery since Sentance left the MPC in June, he is not a man for turning – a tightening of policy is necessary he insists. "I think the MPC over a period of time will struggle to keep inflation at target," he says. "It will be above target and that will be a problem over the medium term."