Business Diary: Banking, the Pope weighs in

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Frustrating news that Pope Benedict XVI's submission to Sir John Vickers got lost in the post and came too late to influence the Independent Commission on Banking.

But it doesn't sound as if his Holiness held out much hope for the ethical world economic order his Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace called for yesterday. A "long road still needs to be travelled before the creation of a public authority with universal jurisdiction," the Vatican says. Perhaps the Pope ought to get down to St Paul's to join the protests.

Punctuating the ex-Prime Minister

Gordon Brown makes a good case against governments' craze for austerity in a piece for Reuters – but couldn't someone have given it a good read for him before publication? The poor-sighted former Prime Minister has got into trouble with spelling before and the column is dotted with punctuation errors and typos (such as "European Stability find"). Will he be turning his fury on an editor, we wonder?

Sir Mervyn gets a makeover

Check out the tailoring on Sir Mervyn King at the Treasury Select Committee today. The Bank of England Governor is a new entry in the running for the title "best-dressed banker", and if he puts on his best tie you will know he is making a bid for the top spot. Sir Mervyn replaces David Cunningham of Barclays at No 2 between leader Duncan MacInnes of Xenfin Capital and, er, Kweku Adoboli, of UBS in third spot, according to tailors Cad & The Dandy.

'Occupy' protest twins take sides

Occupy Wall Street is tearing families apart. Photogenic 23-year-olds Nicole and Jill Carty are on opposite sides. Nicole, is down in the tent-city trenches while Jill is on on her way up and out of the 99 per cent as a consultant to a Wall Street firm. Jill disses her sister to The Daily: "She could be more powerful if she was in economics, using the tools of Wall Street to fight back."