Business Diary: Blackpool comes to London

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This must be the hottest ticket in town. An invite has arrived from Pleasure Beach Resort, Blackpool, to the early-morning announcement of the latest stage in the overhaul of Britain's favourite seaside resort's brand. The bash will be held next week at a trendy Soho hotel in London's West End and even offers breakfast. A traditional English fry-up, presumably.

A drink to really get you going

In a bizarre new direction for Loaded, the magazine is launching a new energy drink. The Loaded Stamina Shot is full of the usual energy-boosting compound but comes with an additional twist: it also contains an aphrodisiac "that heightens the drinker's libido". And while the print product is traditionally thought of as a lads' mag, Loaded claims that its drink will work on either gender. What could possibly go wrong?

Making a profit out of a crisis

Is your company going through a crisis? Well if you just can't seem to get a grip on it, maybe you're not exploring all the channels through which you might do so. Still, have no fear, the City public relations agency Citigate Dewe Rogerson is here, with a new "digital crisis communications service". It explains: "Knowing who to engage with, when and how, is the secret to ensuring that a crisis doesn't get out of control". Don't mock – Citigate is raking it in with services like this. Sales were up 50 per cent at the last half-year. There's a lot of crises about, you see.

If the sums add up, change them

Press reports at the weekend which said that The Times and The Sunday Times might have kept as much as 33 per cent of their online readership since sticking their internet sites behind a paywall will have greatly alarmed The Guardian, the great paywall denier. So no surprise then to see a Guardian story yesterday suggesting the actual figure is more like 10 per cent. Unlike the stories at the weekend, which were based on independent analysis, the The Guardian's data used a rather complicated formula of its own creation.