Business Diary: British Airways brings down the wall

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We reported last week that the British Airways boss Willie Walsh had put up a "graffiti wall" at its West London headquarters for staff to scrawl messages of support for BA in its dispute with Unite and cabin crew workers. The airline has now had to take the whiteboard down amid allegations that it was an attempt to bully employees.

Kraft enjoys sweet taste of success

Cadbury spent months despatching bags of chocolate to business journalists and analysts as it tried to win support to fight off Kraft's takeover bid. Now that the US food giant has won the day, it is trying the same tactic, sending out bags full of both of its own products and the spoils from Cadbury (there are more of the latter, critics of the deal might note). Talk about rubbing it in.

Toyota recall: your car will be back

Toyota is rapidly becoming the Skoda of the modern age, the butt of all motoring jokes. We particularly like the spoof of the Total Recall movie poster that is currently doing the rounds on the internet, which features the original promotional line from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film. "Toyota Recall", it says. "Get ready for the ride of your life."

Calling budding catwalk models

Think you could be the next face of Benetton? If so, have a look at the company's website, where it is soliciting applications for exactly that role. Uniquely, once it has come up with a shortlist of possible models, the clothes giant will decide on who gets the job for the year ahead by getting social networking site users to vote on the entries. So if you've got enough Facebook friends or Twitter followers, it could be you.

Get ahead, get a hat for a very worthy cause

Diary wishes every success to this year's Bowler Hat Day, which takes place on Thursday in support of the Haiti Appeal run by SOS Children's Villages. This charity initiative, which was launched last year, sees City folk wear bowler hats for a day in an attempt to raise as much cash as possible for good causes. Check out the details for yourself at

Number of the day: 7.2 per cent

India's expected economic growth over the year to the end of next month, according to its government.