Business Diary: Can Leighton lose his ghost?

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The former Asda boss Allan Leighton will be thrilled by the glowing review his latest book, Tough Calls, gets from Tim Waterstone in the latest issue of Management Today. The founder of the bookstore chain that still bears his name praises Leighton's "direct and instinctive insight". He does have one big complaint, though: "If I have a problem with the book it is that Leighton didn't write it himself." Not that Tough Calls doesn't namecheck its ghost writer, you understand, but Waterstone wants the authentic voice.

B&Q bids farewell to Syd, 96

Much sadness at B&Q, which is in need of a new greeter at its DIY store in New Malden, Surrey, after a much-loved employee decided to retire after 20 years. Still we're inclined to think that Syd Prior, who turns 97 very shortly, has done his time. And fear not – B&Q still employs an 88-year-old at one of its shops in Bristol.

Governor's double is on target

Sir Mervyn King's appearance before MPs yesterday got us wondering what the Bank's Governor has been up to these past few days amid the eurozone carnage. A quick Google search provides a possible answer: "Mervyn King in sizzling form to seal Benidorm darts title," the Mirror reported two days ago. Closer examination reveals it was not Sir Mervyn chucking arrows, sports fan though we know him to be, but his namesake.

Spare a thought for festive fun

If you were looking forward to a few drinks and the chance to photocopy something inappropriate, think again – a quarter of companies have cancelled their Christmas parties this year, a new survey reveals. The research, commissioned by 10-pin bowling companies, says most staff think their bosses should be shelling our for a "fun, affordable night". What can they be thinking of?