Business Diary: Can't keep a good man down

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Back by popular demand: Andrew Gowers, the former FT editor who these days is a public relations man for hire. PR Week reveals Gowers is joining the Association of Financial Markets in Europe on a three-month contract – the trade body's boss Simon Lewis says he has "been in some very interesting situations". He's not joking – Gowers did PR for Lehman Brothers until it went belly up and then moved on to BP, only to step down following the Deepwater Horizon debacle. Third time lucky, Lewis presumably hopes.

Asos unites old sparring partners

Sir Philip Green and Marks & Spencer's don't always see eye-to-eye, but rival retailer Asos is getting up both their noses. M&S spent most of yesterday discussing claims Asos is about to poach its highly rated head of clothing Kate Bostock (it wouldn't confirm or deny), while Sir Philip said the online retailer had already pinched loads of his staff – "fortunately they haven't taken the right ones".

Coral's refunds are smashing

Well done bookmaker Coral, for doing its bit to soothe the occasionally fractious relations between the Scots and the English. The former have long moaned that Andy Murray is British when he wins, Scottish when he loses. But Coral has refunded customers who'd backed Murray to win the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 as part of its "Backing Britain" promotion. See, Murray's still British even when he can't play because of injury.

Amazon gets lots of feedback

How long will Amazon continue to allow customers to post comments on its "Black Friday" lightning deals page. Here's a selection: "Anyone got any proper bargains yet?"; "Thanks for ripping us off Amazon"; "8pm last deal, my arse"; and our personal favourite: "Please look at Amazon's US Black Friday deals compared to this rubbish". The customer is always right, remember.