Business Diary: Channel Five set to relocate

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The creative types at Channel Five wondered what the impact would be of Richard Desmond's purchase of the company.

One of the first effects may well turn out to be their relocation away from the pleasant shops and bars of London's Covent Garden, the current Channel Five headquarters. Mr Desmond is rumoured to be planning to move the whole operation to his Northern & Shell building on the edge of the City, a decidedly less fashionable area.

Obama offers stock tips

Want to make money investing on the US stock market? It's easy – just find out which business bosses have been lunching with President Obama. Since coming to office, he has held seven lunches with small groups of chief executives of America's biggest companies. On five occasions, the shares of attendees' companies outperformed the S&P 500 Index over the following 30 days, reports Bloomberg. It's not implying any naughty goings on, by the way. An analyst points out: "Losers don't get asked to hang out with the President."

Airbrushing BP out of history

America's BP gas station owners are worried that the appointment of one of their own as chief executive of the oil giant may not be enough to assuage the hostility felt towards it in the country. So now they're considering a spot of rebranding of their own – taking down their BP fascias and replacing them with the Amoco name the company acquired a few years back.

Lawyers to clean up?

Is it worth going to court over a nurdle? We're sure you knew this, but a nurdle is the blob of toothpaste on your toothbrush and for Colgate-Palmolive it's an important matter. The US giant has filed a case against British rival GlaxoSmith-Kline in a New York court, with the aim of establishing that any toothpaste maker is entitled to use pictures of nurdles on its packaging. Colgate says GSK is claiming its Aquafresh toothpaste trademarks prohibit rivals from doing so.