Business Diary: Cheats put their mistresses first

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Granted, this bunch are what one might describe as an interested party, but the research published yesterday by Illicit Encounters makes scandalous reading. The company, whose internet site puts people who fancy an affair in touch with each other, surveyed 900 men and discovered that the majority of them, if finances became tight, would give up family holidays, a new car or nights out with their wives before sacrificing their mistresses.

No chickening out at RBS

Dealbreaker has had a bar on stories about Royal Bank of Scotland of late, since the bank banned its staff from accessing the scurrilous Wall Street gossip site at work. But it was unable to contain itself any longer yesterday, reporting a string of eye-witness reports from the RBS trading floor in New York. It was apparently taken over by a parade of RBS staff following a man dressed in a chicken suit, all to celebrate a member of staff's birthday. Good to know the bank we taxpayers own hasn't lost its sense of fun despite all its woes.

Tesco and Asda clash over ads

As if there wasn't enough work to do persuading Britons to spend even more in their supermarkets, Tesco and Asda have been wasting their energy in a battle over the latter's advertising campaign, The Big Asda Rollback. Tesco finally got its day in court yesterday – well, a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority, which is as good as it gets for such complaints – and Asda has been told not to repeat a particular advert. Come on guys, move on.

Another mission doomed to fail?

Much angst at Unite, the union, over reports Birmingham City Council might sell off assets such as the NEC as it seeks to put its finances on an even keel for the years ahead. The union issued an emotional press release yesterday entitled "Don't sell Birmingham's family silver". Sorry folks, but if you couldn't save Cadbury for the West Midlands, it doesn't look good for preventing the sell-off of an exhibition centre in the middle of nowhere.