Business Diary: Chocolate can give you a hangover

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More embarrassment for Kraft today? The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee is due to publish its report into the US company's hostile takeover of Cadbury. Given that chairman Irene Rosenfeld irritated the MPs on the committee by failing to attend its hearings, one imagines their findings aren't going to make pretty reading for Kraft.

Mandelson makes a blunder with Barclays

It's not like Lord Mandelson to fail to check his facts. The Business Secretary lashed out at Barclays president Bob Diamond for his £63m salary over the weekend, apparently oblivious to the fact that the figure is essentially fictional. Barclays' top brass wrote to national newspaper editors only last week warning them not to repeat the myth that Diamond was paid this much in 2009, only to see Mandy peddling the £63m line a few days later.

Google smiles fondly on its subjects

We like Google's sense of humour. The search giant has belatedly sent us details of its April Fool's Day Joke, which saw it claim to have changed its name to Topeka – in honour of the American town that changed its name to Google in an attempt to win a high-speed broadband trial.

Do what we say, not what we do

We applaud John McFall's Treasury Select Committee for its report at the weekend calling for business to ensure more women make it to the top. It was in no way undermined by the fact that the committee of 15 MPs that Mr McFall chairs has just a single female member.

Putting the brakes on the speed merchants

Been out speeding on your mobility scooter this Easter? If so, it may have been one of your final chances to enjoy the wind rushing through your hair. A little bird tells the Diary that the Government is so concerned about the way in which scooters are driven on Britain's roads and, particularly, pavements that new regulations governing their use are to be published this week. And the penalties for those driving recklessly on the pavements outside Britain's supermarkets are likely to be tough.

Number of the day: £10,200

The new individual savings account maximum annual investment, which applies to everyone from today.