Business Diary: Don't blame us for duff euros, says the ECB

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Much indignation at the European Central Bank over Business Diary's story about a new design for euro coins (we were rather rude). The ECB points out it isn't responsible for these designs, with each eurozone member's national bank issuing its own coinage. An ECB spokesperson adds, diplomatically, "I make no comment on the article itself, as obviously tastes do differ: some like modern symbolism, others prefer old-fashioned naturalism."

From 007 to White Van Man?

A curious mailshot finds its way to our desk. Addressed to one Sean Connery, it is from Mercedes-Benz. While you can imagine the Scottish actor might be interested in a top of the range sports car, that's not quite what the German manufacturer is flogging. "Dear Mr Connery", it begins. "Are you looking for a good deal on a new van?"

Apple's man is back

Top marks to The Financial Times, which had a widely-followed story yesterday that Steve Jobs was back at work at Apple ahead of schedule. But has the pink paper jumped the gun? The only evidence is a Jobs quote on a press release issued by Apple. Someone should tell the FT about the gizmos that enable people to speak to each other from afar. Maybe Jobs even has an iPhone.

Reuters says goodbye to London listing

Paul Julius Reuter must be turning in his grave. The founder of the news service that bears his name, launched in London 150 years ago, may be commemorated in a bust in the Royal Exchange, but that hasn't stopped Tom Glocer, the boss of Thomson Reuters, removing the company from the exchange down the road. The company is dropping its London share listing.

MySpace and corporate speak gone mad

A statement from MySpace arrives. "MySpace today announced its intent to restructure its international operations and refocus personnel around a smaller number of territories, while retaining a robust global consumer presence." That's one way to tell people you're shedding two-thirds of your international staff.

Number of the day: 27

Years since Theo Fennell founded the jewellery store chain bearing his name to which he is now returning.