Business Diary: Don't kick a banker when he's down

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At least one banker hasn't lost his moral compass. Jamie Dimon, the boss of JP Morgan Chase, says it would be "wrong" for him to pinch staff from rivals such as Citigroup, where the US Treasury, which still holds a big stake, is to cap bonus payments. "I morally have an issue with people going against these companies that are hamstrung and making it worse," adds Mr Dimon. Let's see how long that lasts.

One in the eye for Rock from Brussels

Gary Hoffman, the chief executive of Northern Rock, hates the "good bank, bad bank" terminology that many people use to explain the way his institution is to be split in two, and his PR team has spent weeks trying to persuade journalists not to use the phrase. It's a pity, then, that the European Commission's press release on the break-up of the Rock used exactly those terms yesterday.

How to persuade people to like bailiffs

Connoisseurs of daytime telly may recall Jamie Waller, who featured on BBC1's Beat The Bailiff. Now the bailiff industry's friendly face has penned a little tome to help less PR-aware colleagues. It's full of helpful tips – like when its OK to bash down a debtor's door – and advice on how "to make the process of extracting money as comfortable and as stress-free as possible". Priceless.

Out of the frying pan and into the oven

Bless the folk at Bernard Matthews, who say its meat products business is back on track after "a couple of difficult years". Talk about understatement. The company had just got over being censured by Jamie Oliver for its turkey twizzlers when its Suffolk farm was hit by avian flu.

Why wasting office time is a good idea

Just been told off by your boss for sending personal emails? Try quoting this defence from GMX, whose research claims one in three staff depend on personal emails to cope with stress – and that talking to friends and family this way has real therapeutic benefits. In case you wondered, GMX provides free email services, which in no way compromises its data.

Number of the day: 350

The number of job losses announced yesterday by the Italian fashion house Versace, a quarter of its workforce.