Business Diary: Expecting a little Thunderer

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If you were cynical about the Occupy London protests, after thermal imaging revealed nine out of 10 tents were empty overnight, don't be. The hardy demonstrators have just been away working on a tent-city newspaper, the Occupied Times of London. The first edition is out this afternoon to rival the Evening Standard for the commuter market. After that, at 6pm, there's a debate on the paper's theme of "Are we anti-capitalist?" – all of which wraps up in time for everyone to be home in time for dinner.

App-alling pun from Boots

Boots Opticians has jumped on the app bandwagon with the offer of a free downloadable eye test. While it can help determine clearness of vision and astigmatism among other things, the app's most useful function for the chemist seems to be that it points blurry customers to one of its shops for a full check-up. While Diary is behind a nation improving its health awareness, its eyes watered as the accompanying press release asserted Boots was now the UK's first "app-tician".

Morrisons raises the sushi bar

Morrisons, the Bradford-based grocer, made a splash on Monday by opening its first sushi bar at its branch inSt Albans. Diary is not sure what its notoriously straight-talking former chairman Sir Ken Morrison would make of it flogging raw fish to customers in his beloved grocery store. But we reckon Hertfordshire's well-heeled shoppers are certain to love it. When Diary went fishing for a story, Morrisons gave us the slip – the sushi bar is just a trial.

Pssst! Want some euros?

Seriously? European officials really are using the acronym SPIV for their plan to lever up the European Financial Stability Facility. The idea is to turn Italian and Spanish debt into investment-grade gold, with the same alchemy used in all structured investment vehicles (SIVs) and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) before the credit crisis. Kudos to whichever official started the joke.