Business Diary: Fat boys top the pay scales

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It seems that fat is fantastic in the workplace, but (as is all too often the case) only if you're a man.

The University of Florida has found that if you want to rise up the wage scale as a man, the best the way to do it is by rising up the real scales. In fact "skinny" men are paid on average $8,000 (£5,000) less than those of normal weight, with salary levels continuing to increase with the poundage. For women (as ever), the reverse is true: extremely thin women, those weighing 25 pounds less than the workplace norm, on average, earn about $15,000 (£9,400) more per year than women of average weight.

TA should look at nuclear option

The Taxpayers' Alliance really is relentless. After a week when Britons were hit by one whammy after another by the caring Coalition, it has joined forces with the right-wing Institute of Economic Affairs (the original free-market think tank, TM) to ask whether the Comprehensive Spending Review is comprehensive enough. Diary wonders whether these crazy free-marketeers will be bringing up the easiest way to save £15bn: scrapping Trident.

Has Larry had his CHiPs?

One of diary's fondest illusions has been shattered: it seems Larry Wilcox, star of the 70s cop drama CHiPs, is in danger of getting deep-fried after being accused of criminal activity. Wilcox, the blond "straight man" who played officer Jon Baker opposite Erik Estrada's "Ponch", has been charged with securities fraud. The scheme allegedly involving Wilcox was one of several kick-back operations run by more than a dozen small-company stock promoters, the Securities and Exchange Commission said.

Osborne happy he has a shadow

George Osborne, busy gladhanding at the IMF in Washington, did at least find time to congratulate his new shadow Alan Johnson yesterday. He apparently sent Ed Miliband's surprise choice as shadow Chancellor a friendly text, and described him as a "very approachable person". Diary wonders if he would have said the same about Ed "bruiser" Balls.