Business Diary: French take on old enemy

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Nicolas Sarkozy doesn't want for support at home after his falling-out with the rosbifs. The radio pundits are lining up behind him. One report at the weekend on Man United's shock Champion's League exit was prefaced by "and David Cameron isn't the only English Euro exit this week". Then an item on Paul McCartney, who had been rude at a concert about the French Government's insistence that meat must stay on school menus, ended with the presenter moaning about "another Brit trying to tell us what to do".

UK Uncut to strike on the high street

A word to the wise: if you're planning any Christmas shopping at either TopShop or Vodafone this year, it's best to not to do it next Saturday. UK Uncut, the protest group whose star has rather been eclipsed by Occupy London of late, is planning what you might call a comeback, with action in stores of the duo around the country (it accuses them of tax avoidance).

It's a dog's life for Virgin Atlantic

It's not all bad news for the international airline industry – at least not for those carriers flying in and out of this country. Though Iata warned last week that the industry could lose more than $8bn (£5.1bn) globally in 2012, Virgin Atlantic reports that it has found a crucial new source of business. Specifically, it's seen a 1,500 per cent increase in the number of pet dogs it transports since the UK relaxed its quarantine regulations eight years ago. They include the pooches of John Barrowman.

Festive message from the Bank

A charming electronic Christmas card arrives from the kind folk at the Bank of England – it features a rather beautiful view of the gardens at the Bank covered in snow. Is it simply a festive image, or is the Bank trying to make some sort of satirical comment on the state of the UK economy? You'll have to decide for yourselves whether Sir Mervyn King is being naughty or nice.