Business Diary: Heckels' heckle goes down well

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Is Tory candidate Edward Heckels getting in some practice for PM's Questions? Currently a private banker, Mr Heckels attended a presentation given by the RHJ boss Leonhard Fisher to staff at Kleinwort Benson, which it is buying. His question for Mr Fisher was: "You've had a highly distinguished career in financial services. Do you think you and your colleagues might share your contact books with us at some point?"

The fund managers who can count

Well done Ignis Asset Management, which seems to regard statements of the obvious as ideal for advertising purpose. Its current promotion is headlined with this statement: "They say once in a decade investment opportunities don't come around every year – I completely agree." Well spotted, chaps – once in a decade does indeed mean once every 10 years.

The Beeb finds a useful new source

Who says the BBC has too much cash? The corporation plans to appoint a social media editor whose job it will be to scan Facebook, Twitter and so on for fascinating stories that deserve a wider hearing. The corporation could always try finding its own news, of course, but why bother if MySpace and Co will do it for you?

Galleon's supporters pay homage

Fans of Galleon, the hedge fund now at the centre of a probe, may enjoy the hip-hop tribute track that has surfaced on the Web, giving thanks for its investment returns. Sample lyric: "If you know Galleon, everything is groovy because these guys are out of a movie... Raj and Chris, their stocks don't miss, they could have co-starred in Analyze This."

The bottom line is what's important

Who'd have thought it? A survey from Ecco International reveals that since the onset of the recession, socially oriented values have slipped down companies' priority lists, to be replaced by a focus on the bottom line. The environment – the top concern of companies last time Ecco did this research – now ranks seventh.

Number of the day: 40,000

The number of British businesses the insolvency expert Begbies Traynor expects to go bust in 2010.